Key Benefits
Feature Benefits

Lower levels of balanced protein

Cost-effective programme meets the nutritional requirements of game birds

NSP enzyme included to increase digestibility of carbohydrate from cereals (wheat, barley etc.)

Enhanced nutritional value of the feed and any whole wheat fed to the birds, particularly important when cereal quality is lower than usual

Balanced mineral levels

Good bone development and leg strength

Optimal inclusion of vitamins and trace elements

Supports high levels of performance and vitality

Stimulates the immune response

Organic form of the essential trace element selenium) included

Better feathering

Phytase enzyme added

Quantum Blue - the latest new generation product

Better mineral digestibility, reduced phosphorus excretion (better for the environment) and improved performance



Recommended Feeding Programme







Sportsman R020 to R021 Range


Up to 7 wks of age

Up to 7 wks of age


Essential Grower Pellets


7-12 wks of age

7-12 wks of age