Complementary Products


Sportsman Range of Grit

Sportsman provide two forms of grit for game birds:


Flint grit

Flint grit, or insoluble grit, forms an essential part of the feeding regime for pheasants and partridge. It is retained by the bird in the gizzard where it helps to ensure that the feed is ground down properly. This is particularly important when whole wheat is fed and if there are any naturally available foods present in the pens. Insoluble grit is available in two grades to suit the size of the bird at different stages of its life:

  • Chick Grit

  • Growers Grit


Oyster shell

Oyster Shell (Code P93500) or soluble grit may be fed as required to supplement the diet of laying birds. Sportsman Breeder feeds contain high levels of calcium but the large particle size of oyster shell results in it being retained longer in the digestive tract and absorbed more slowly during shell formation. This, coupled with its high content of calcium, can help to improve shell quality.


RZ99M Game Holding Mix + Aniseed

Sportsman Game Holding Mix is an open mixture of cereals such as wheat, maize sorghum and millet together with a combination of higher protein raw materials such as peas and sunflower. This gives a distinctive, palatable, lower protein feed particularly suitable for feeding to both pheasants and partridge. The addition of an aniseed-based spice gives an attractive 'nose' which can help prevent birds wandering. The mix should be fed after release for a few days prior to shoot day with wheat. 

Cut Maize

Cut maize is a highly palatable feed, high in energy but low in protein. It can be fed at any stage in the latter part of the rearing period when a boost to nutrition is required.