Our premium range of game feeds is designed to support exceptional levels of performance in pheasants and partridge. Whether this is ensuring high levels of egg production and hatchability in breeding birds, getting the day-old chick off to a good start or promoting fast growth and feathering in growing poults, at every stage, there is a Sportsman feed packed with features and benefits to meet your needs.

Range Benefits
Feature Benefits
Only high quality raw materials used High feed digestibility, so less excretion - better for the bird and the environment
Consistent formulations Consistent performance throughout the season
Feeds made in a variety of physical forms Encourage feed intake
NSP enzyme included to increase digestibility of carbohydrate from cereals (wheat, barley etc.) Enhanced nutritional value of the feed and any whole wheat fed to the birds, particularly important when cereal quality is lower than usual
Alphasoy Gold included in critical feeds

Improved growth and better litter condition

Alphasoy Gold is a source of highly digestible protein

Alphasoy gold provides other essential nutrients to the bird

These can:

  • Improve leg strength
  • Enhance the immune response; this will help the bird fight any disease challenges
  • Aid resistance to coccidiosis