Key Benefits



Only high quality raw materials used

High feed digestibility, so less excretion – better for the bird and the environment

Consistent formulations

Consistent performance throughout the season

Three carefully designed feeds

Simple but effective range

NSP enzyme included to increase digestibility of carbohydrate from cereals (wheat, barley etc.)

Enhanced nutritional value of the feed

Organic form of the essential trace element selenium) included

Better hatchability, chick quality and feathering


Phytase enzyme added to starter and grower/maintenance feeds

Quantum Blue - the latest new generation product

Better mineral digestibility, reduced phosphorus excretion (better for the environment) and improved performance

HyD (more active form of vitamin D) included

In breeder feed:

Better shell quality

Balanced mineral levels

Good shell quality, bone development and leg strength

Slimbridge Wildfowl range feeding guide
Code Name Protein Feed Programme
R083P Slimbridge Wildfowl Breeder Pellets 17.5 From 3 wks before 1st egg and through lay
R080F Slimbridge Wildfowl Starter Fine Crumbs 19.0 From day old to at least 3 wks, up to a maximum of 6 wks of age
R081P Slimbridge Wildfowl Grower/Maintenance Pellets 16.5 After R080F


These feeds are not intended to be fed to ducks and geese in intensive production systems. Slimbridge Wildfowl feeds do not include coccidiostats; coccidiostats are neither necessary nor legal to include in feeds for wildfowl and may be harmful.